Club’s AGM 2020 – Notice

This is a notice of our club’s AGM to be held at 7:30 pm – Wed 19th August 2020.

Due to COVID-19, this year’s AGM will be held via ZOOM online video group link (details will be shared & confirmed). Be part of our volunteer Committee Team for the season ahead of 2020-21. Applications of interest need to complete an MC Nomination Form 2020-21 (link below), must be sponsored by two current club’s committee members, and emailed into the club’s email address noted further below. Applications of interest close 8 pm Wed, 12th August 2020.

The Ponds Cricket Club – MC Nomination Form 2020-21

The current Managing Committee Team for 2019-20:

  1. President – Irwin Pereira
  2. Vice President – Gayan Ranasinghe
  3. Secretary and Public Officer – Ivan Pereira (Notice of Change – Fair Trading NSW)
  4. Treasurer – Ethan Rodrigues
  5. Bobby Toppo
  6. Suraj Suresh
  7. Vineeta Pereira
  8. Melissa Tyson
  9. Manpreet Gill
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